A world of precision.

We develop products and technological solutions that integrate weighing and vision to optimize transport truck operations.


Advanced expertise and technology

A Canadian company located near Montreal, TrackTech is a leader in developing weighing, vision and connectivity technologies for truckers. Our products are available through an extensive network of transportation industry distributors, dealers and integrators. Applying state-of-the-art engineering, our solutions provide unique reliability and adaptability for integration with current trucking systems.

TRACKWEIGHT scale for trucks

Precise, state-of-the-art technology adapted for difficult road conditions.

Equipped with the most advanced and reliable sensors available, the TrackWeight range of scales assures accuracy and durability under all conditions. The aesthetic design of our in-cab monitors and their user-friendly interface are greatly appreciated by truckers. Paired with TrackTech’s unique TrackMobile application, they deliver unmatched performance, even remotely.


Pair the BRT5 with the optional TrackMobile app and receive load data on your cellphone



Your load and production data in the palm of your hand at all times

TRACKVISION cameras and radars

Optimize vision and secure the immediate environment in busy spaces or when backing up.

Discover industrial-level HD cameras and reversing radars capable of continuous operation under all conditions. Developed to the highest standards, TrackVision visibility solutions have been designed to optimize the safety and efficiency of transport operations, while improving cabin ergonomics and user experience.

Snap Cam



Mobility and

TrackTech’s vision extends to the development of mobile applications that further improve our products’ performance. The TrackMobile app is an example of a recent innovation that allows TrackWeight scales to pair with operator phones via Bluetooth. Complete load data is available remotely, in real-time, at a glance. This is a must-have for drivers who load their trucks on their own.

R&D and engineering lab

TrackTech brings together a multidisciplinary team of expert advisers, engineers and installer-integrators with cutting-edge transportation industry expertise. We design, manufacture and install high value-added precision technologies to help owners and truckers secure and optimize their operations. We innovate to amplify the possibilities.

All TrackTech products can be tailor-made to fit your equipment and meet your precise needs. TrackTech technologies open the door to innovative applications in a large number of industries. Tell us what you need.

TrackTech combines R&D, innovation, design, manufacturing, marketing, full systems integration and customer service

All the expertise you need right at your fingertips

The TrackTech experience goes well beyond delivery. Dealers, distributors and service centres can find what they need with ease: a centralized TrackWeight and TrackVision purchasing system, state-of-the-art consulting services, an engineering laboratory, comprehensive technical support, personalized after-sales service and a technical reference library.

Consulting and engineering services

Experts to define the solutions best suited to your issues and your budgets.

Premium customer service

A close relationship with an account manager who’s dedicated to your organization.

Technical support

Specialists available at all times and access to countless manuals, reference documents, videos and image bank.

TrackTech by the numbers

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Over 25 years of expertise in the transportation industry

TrackTech was founded in Quebec on the initiative of Marc-André Lefebvre, its current president: “My objective is to develop highly advanced electronic technologies for the transportation industry, always aiming to make the driver’s work safer. Thanks to our extraordinary employees and the confidence that our Quebec customers have always placed in us, we can now proudly offer our products internationally! We are visionaries, experts and solutions people. We develop our own products and technologies to improve our customers’ agility and performance.”

Renowned for reliability, durability and user-friendliness, thousands of TrackTech systems are now used across Canada, the United States and the world.

Today, TrackTech’s technological means and business intelligence make it a leader in weighing and vision solutions for the transportation industry.

We immerse operators in a world of precision.

We help them become more efficient and more productive, while making their jobs easier.

Become a TrackTech partner

Qualify to become a premium reseller and benefit from several exclusive advantages that will position you as even more essential and competitive in your customers’ eyes.
  • Highly advantageous progressive discounts.
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  • Direct customer referrals.
  • Annual VIP purchases.
  • And much more!

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